CLUB 2000 Student Leadership Council

Status: Club
Grade Level: 8th Grade
Term: 04 – Full Year
Meeting Duration: One 60-minute meeting per week

Student Leadership Council Club Description

This club consists of over 15 elected representatives, with each active region in a given territory having three representatives. They meet one time per week and work on issues on pertinent issues and activities relevant to their regions. They also support the work of the Student Government with manpower and insights. Elections are held during spring trimester for scholars to begin their term during the following school year. This club is a credit/no credit offering.

Elected Positions

  1. Assistant Vice President of Student Experience
    [designee of the CEO and Board President]
  2. Executive Vice President of Student Government Association
  3. Ambassador of African Diaspora
  4. Ambassador of African Diaspora
  5. Ambassador of African Diaspora
  6. Ambassador of Austronesia
  7. Ambassador of Austronesia
  8. Ambassador of Austronesia
  9. Ambassador of Canada
  10. Ambassador of Canada
  11. Ambassador of Canada
  12. Ambassador of Latin America
  13. Ambassador of Latin America
  14. Ambassador of Latin America
  15. Ambassador of United States
  16. Ambassador of United States
  17. Ambassador of United States


Student Government