ENTR 1103 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Part B

Status: Required
Grade Level: 7th Grade
Term: 03 – Spring
Course Duration: 72 hours

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Part B Course Description

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship course aims to provide young scholars with an understanding of the nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship and introduces the role of the entrepreneur, innovation and technology in the entrepreneurial process. It is not about small business or life style businesses but instead the development of growth oriented businesses – whether for-profit or not-for-profit. Entrepreneurship is both a way of thinking and of doing. It involves “building something from nothing” and successful entrepreneurs know how to manage and mitigate uncertainty and risk. The course content is relevant to those individuals thinking about starting a business or who are already in business – large or small, those who are interested in commercializing their own innovations or of others, and those who advise entrepreneurs or engage in policy making in the entrepreneurship area.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Part B