HIST 1203 The History of the Hebrews Part C

Status: Required
Grade Level: 7th Grade
Term: 03 – Spring
Course Duration: 72 hours

The History of the Hebrews Part C Course Description

The History of the Hebrews Part C serves as the final part of a three part course. The course examines African Kingdoms & Hebrew Kingdoms as we explore key developments in African history from human origin to 1850. This period has seen vast changes in African and Hebrew societies, the rise of empires and kingdoms, and the incorporation of Africa into the modern world system. Young scholars will look at the political, social, and cultural history of Africa, exploring some major historical processes and events that shaped and continue to reshape the continent and lend themselves to discussions and inquiry. The course precedes the course called “Hebrew Exodus: Return to the Promised Land” 


African Kingdoms and Hebrews